Outstaffing solution is the daily support of qualified Simplika professionals who ensure all personnel-related payroll accounting and HR-back office functions for your company as a legal employer of outstaffed personnel – all or separate departments/ employees of your Company.

While employees actually work for your company, legal employment relationship is provided by Simplika.

Convenience of the service:

  • in case of headcount restrictions,
  • for representative offices or smaller companies without in-house HR administrative, bookkeeping and accounting functions,
  • for foreign companies who plans regional recruitment without opening an office in the area.

Outstaffing includes:

  •  working contractual relationship,
  • payroll calculation and payment on a specific date, including fixed and variable components,
  • vacation, illness and business travel compensation and bonus calculation,
  • appropriate tax calculation and payment in accordance with legislation of The Republic of Latvia,
  • cooperation and reporting to State authorities,
  • additional services, such as health insurance provision and calculation of mobile phone expenses as necessary,
  • attributable personnel documentation,
  • reporting to client company.

We also provide other personnel management functions that can be selected and combined as needed:

  • job description or employment contract development,
  • competence model development,
  • employee or candidate assessment,

Service price depends on the number of outstaffed employees, service period and other cooperation conditions.
Please email or call us so that we can develop individual offer according to your requirements.