Candidate References

I want to say only the very best on the co-operation with the company Simplika. After maternity leave I decided to return to labor market, but it turned out to be quite complicated – new mothers have a problem finding a job in Latvia. After a number of unsuccessful job interviews, I noticed Ltd. Simplika online job advertisement – Secretary for the replacement projects. I decided to try. Soon, I received a call for an interview and later – 3 day job Ltd. Samsung Electronics Baltics. The next job was Secretary Replacement in Microsoft Latvia. It was a great opportunity to return to the labor market after maternity leave, to earn extra income that was paid immediately, as well as gain experience in large multinational companies. These short-term jobs were very important to me, and now I work for a permanent job in one of these companies. Thanks Simplika!.

Anita, 29.

I decided to try a temporary job after maternity leave. Work for 2-3 months was preferred, because I needed to see if I’m really ready to go to work and if my children are ready to live a whole day without mother. When considering advertisements on the internet, my attention was attracted by the job advertisement of company Simplika. I had to pass three stages – phone interview, tests and face-to-face interview with recruitment consultant Olga. I got the job within two weeks!
The project was implemented in the accounting department but after a month, the company offered me a place in their team. The project-work has a number of advantages. First, it is ideal for people who do not know what field they want to work in, as it is the ability to try something new. Second, the project work is perfect after completion of training, as it is an opportunity to apply the theoretical knowledge and gain practical experience. Third, project work provides an opportunity to get to know the company from the inside. In my case it was the desire to gain practical experience and got a job in a completely different field. Project work provides not only an opportunity to learn something new, but also to understand what the man is capable of and what he do best.

Anna, 30.

For the first time after a job interview at the company Simplika, I got information that I’ve not passed (chosen by the company). But after a while got a pleasant surprise – a call from Simplika consultant who offered me a temporary job in a large company. It turns out that a consultant remembers well the candidates! After the first temporary job I was offered a second, as a result, I developed a good cooperation with Simplika. I believe that consultants of this company work professionally with an individual approach to each candidate. I would definitely recommend this company to work with if you’re in search of work.

Tatjana, 27.

Recruitment Company Simplika gave me a chance to get two months of work experience in a company Stockmann. Cooperation with Simplika and Stockmann was highly enjoyable and useful for the acquisition of experience and the new acquaintances, as well as my personal development. The job interview process has been exciting and useful – group interview allowed me to assess my chances on the labor market. Pleasing was the fact that I managed to join work with my studies and writing of Master Thesis. In general, I can say the very best about the cooperation with the recruitment company Simplika – consultants are very nice and responsive; they do everything to make your job search incredibly simple.

Renāte, 25.

I advise young people to explore the opportunities offered by the Simplika because it is an opportunity to acquire new knowledge and skills as well as to improve existing ones. The most important thing is that these projects are easy way to determine whether the relevant profession is what you are looking for and if you want to develop yourself in this field. From personal experience I can say that Simplika not only offer job opportunities, but also show an interest in how you’re doing in a new job, and they are very responsive. Thanks Simplika for the cooperation with me, in particular – Olga.

Santa. 26.

I collaborated with the company Simplika to get a job that I can connect with my evening studies. I worked for three months as data entry operator, where the main task was accounting data input into the accounting system. This temporary job gave me the opportunity to gain work experience, develop new skills and provide extra income. I was able to connect the job with my studies, which is very important for me as a student. The employer was generous, and the company’s employees were pleasant to cooperate with.

Dace, 24.