Temporary Staffing

Temporary staffing is a modern and flexible type of employment. Regardless of whether you need specialists in data entry during the advertising campaign, replacement of an accountant during her parental leave, merchandisers for the summer period or other extra personnel for a specific project’s accomplishment, we are here to support you!

Benefits for clients:

  • reduction of administrative and personnel costs,
  • quick response to business critical recruitment needs
  • effective management of headcount
  • transfer of legal, financial and administration responsibility to Simplika

Staff Leasing. Selection of a specialist for a specific position and time period to work for your company while total expenses are equally apportioned over the length of the service period.

Outstaffing. The daily support of qualified Simplika professionals who ensure all personnel-related payroll accounting and HR-back office functions for your company as a legal employer of out-staffed personnel – all or separate departments/ employees of your Company.

Secretary Replacement. Useful service, if reception functions are essential at your office, but secretary becomes ill or is planning a vacation. We will search for a competent specialist in our data base to replace your secretary in order to manage basic functions as incoming calls, welcoming visitors, and operational tasks.

Please, visit our country sites for a specific service description and advice.

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Permanent Recruitment

Recruitment for entry level and specialist positions: administrative and reception positions, data input and management positions,client service specialists, sales agents, merchandisers, workers in production, wholesales, warehouses etc.

We accommodate our Clients with the shortest possible time frame from order to placement. Our average project completion time is from a few days to up to a maximum of 4 weeks.

Mass Recruitment. We will recruit a large number of candidates or provide regular candidate flow  for a work in client service, administrative sector or related.

Benefits for Clients:

  • Efficient use of resources
  • Job postings included in recruitment fee
  • The possibility to hire a candidate for a “Trial period”
  • 3-month-guarantee free of charge
  • Data protection, confidentiality
  • High quality services.

Please, visit our country sites for a specific service description and advice.

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HR Services

Payroll Outsourcing: functions related to the payroll accounting and payment for your Company in compliance with all the requirements of labour and tax legislation.

HR Administration: a number of HR administration and management functions you are able to choose and combine in accordance with your Company needs:

  • Employee Assessment
  • Creation of Job Description, Labour Contract, or Job Advertisement
  • Development of Competence Model
  • Personnel Audit

You can choose the combination of services necessary for your business!

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